The Twilight Saga

who do u luv more? EDWARD or JAKE? (plz putwho u luv in th book and movie)

i luv edward in both!!! lol!

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sry i ment the question to b Who do u luv more? EDWARD or JAKE?? (plz put who u luv in the book and movie!!!)
I love Edward in both
but in life i would say Taylor is better than Rob
lol...i think so too!
oh let's see... um... EDWARD and... EDWARD!!!!!
Well I like Edward in the book. I hate Jacob!!!!! And in themovie I like Taylor he is hott and rob is ugly.( I think so any ways sorry for people who like him)
Team Edward & team Taylor ;)
i do luv Jake but i luv Edward more...=D..i like Edward in both..but i only like Jake in the book...
edward and edward and edward.........!!!!!!! =)


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