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u were right.mrs.edward cullen....they will be have a mental problem if they said that Edward not HOOOTTT or HHAAANDSOOME or THE MOST ROMANTIIC GUY
he is the HOTTEST guy ever !the accent is super cute too! Even the boys at my school think he looks preety good*they wish they were him)
I DO!!! :)) i am so inlove with him. :D
He is the hottest actor in film
I do think he is hot. I love him and would totally marry him in a heart beat.
He's soooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!.....OH MY GOD....i love him soooo much...i think i'm in love with him.....oh god....sooo HOT.....
Me too.I think he's amazingly hot! A lot of guys at my school keep trying to copy his hair.Well,they can't get it as perfect as his!:)Haha.
Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to think he was ugly then I thought he was o.k now I just think *swoon*!!
suuupppppeeerrrr hooottttttt

sxy man
I LOVE HIM! i love his smile it is adorable! and have you notice he always has his legs up on his chair in interveiws(if he is sitting down). its so cute! AND SEXY!


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