The Twilight Saga

Have u had weird things happening to u lately or that draw u into the Twilight Saga? Any coincidences u have jot them down here!

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I have the same situation as Bella. Two guys that are human though. They have saved my lives numerous of times.One plays the piano and has golden eyes......The other has long dark hair and is friendly...Its really weird. Plus i said if i ever had a child I would name her Isabella. I didnt figure out about twilight till Saturday before last.They have the same names as the story too...I guess its fate
Really stinking weird! that is one of the most freakiest things I've ever heard!
Thats freakin' weird! Good Luck with the relationship though.
can i be you? lol
that is so woah breathtakin
but wat wud u do?
same as bella or take another route?
that is awsome i bet he will save your life again!
i think about a lot of weird things when i watch twilight its kinda freaky athough its a 5 STAR movie and is great to watch and dont take me wrong i might be young but i love TWILIGHT

love you all:Cera xoxoxoxo
Okay, Bella...we know it's you, so you can stop hiding now.....introduce us to Edward and Renesmee please....... We won't steal them. Although I'd love to meet the pack and see if Seth might imprint on me.... teehee.....

*yes I am a true believer I really do think Bella and everyone exists somewhere in Forks*
That is definitely very freaky =) Nothing has happened to me quite like that.. Everytime I hear the song "Shake It" by Metro Station I think of Twilight. Don't ask why, cuz I have absolutely no clue whatsoever. I've had a lot of Twilight based dreams.. Haha.
OME! I have had some really crazy dreams about twilight.

My favorite one is when Im walking in the words and I see some people in the distance, coming closer I realize that they are edward and Bella, both of them sparkling in the slanted light of the swaying trees. Edward is just standing there and Bella is drinking the blood of a mountain lion. When I get closer to them I step out into the light and Edward turns to look at me. "Are you thirsty?" He asks. I look down at myself and realize that i am sparkling.

Then I wake up. It is my favorite dream because its the only one where I am a vampire as well. I love it!
AHHHHH! Woah..
i had a dream where i was bella and james and victoria were after me and we had to run for it, just like bella did. only difference was that i had no parents in my dream, so i didn't have to worry about them. it was really good, i got to kiss edward. :)
another one where all it involved was making out with edward, one of my faves.


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