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Have u had weird things happening to u lately or that draw u into the Twilight Saga? Any coincidences u have jot them down here!

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Well since reading Twilight, I also had to read a book called Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, for my English Literature class, and there were sooooo many similarities that I had goosebumps nearly the entire way through!!!

The man's name is Edward Rochester, and he is described as having "granite-hewn features" (ring a bell, anyone?), his mother's name is Elizabeth, there is a Mr. Mason, Jane doesn't like extravagant gifts and Mr. Edward Rochester is always trying to lavish them on her, there is an Alice, Mr. Rochester and Jane's courtship is amazingly similar to Bella and Edward, like how Edward is so fascinated by the replies he gets from bella, Mr. Rochester is always surprised by how Jane replies to him.....I tell ya. The list goes on and on and on.........and now Jane Eyre is my favorite novel right behind the Twilight Saga!!! It's even listed above the Host! haha!
I wish i had that dream sounds amazing!!!!!
i had a dream were i was walking down the alley and i see jasper and everything but him goes black and i look a myself and cant see anything when i look up he's right in front of me an he says my name and i go "yeah" and he says "come here" and i say "of course" and i step closer 2 him and he takes my hand and whispers in my ear "what do you think?" and i close my eyes and when i open them were in a tree like a million feet up looking at the sun set and the stars are just coming out and i go "i...i...i...i love it!" and he looks in my eyes and i suddenly feel all fuzzy and all inside and he says "how do you feel?" and i go "i dont know." and he said "that sounds good" and i go "it feels good too" and he goes "i love you" and i go "wat about alice" and he goes "who" and i go "wh-...huh, how, what, alice, jasper, what, cullen huh?" he gives me a funny exspression and i wake up
This happened before I read Twilight, even before Twilight was even being made!
I occasionally mumble in my sleep, but just one words like "ok", "why?", stuff like that. When I was little I said a full sentence clearly, "It's too green". I think it's weird that I said a line from Twilight and it wasn't even being made yet! Along with that I said this in my sleep like Bella! does anyone else agree with me?
since i read twilight ive had "alice moments" when im zoned out a lot. and this one itime i was in math class and th teacher called my name and i was sleeping and im like EDWARD CULLEN! and i was like dead asleep and stuff so i thought i was at home. and my friend told me that i was saying stuff like"edward ...yummy" and "omg ur so sparkely" i as so emberessed it was CRAZYY i was going to cry when i found out.i also have biology (sorta) any ways this guy i sit beside ignors me and i went up to him and asked him if he was a vampire so yeah that suckss
I have been having dreams, and daydreams about Edward coming...Plus I have been called clumsy many times & blushed taking it as a complement! lol & my eyes sometimes look a golden color naturally! lol other people say that too! And I have started to answer to the name Bella! lol I'm so much like her it is crazy!!! I can trip over a flat surface...and i'm very accident prone! lol
And this summer when my best guy friend left, I felt the same way as Bella had when Edward left...I felt almost dead inside...I'm want him to come back so badly & be my Edward...^_^;
this one happend to me in septmber 13(bella's birthday) that is too my dad's birthday i was playing around wiht a paper and then i cut myself in my finger in the mini party my mom, little sister and i had organizated... i was all like oooh i cut myself, on september 13, in a party, with a papaer... just like bella in her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha WEIRDD!!
ironic... lol
welll it like just happened not that long ago and some people already know this but after seeing the movie, all of a sudden at school i started noticing this guy that looks just like robert pattinson..even my friends are just noticing and its so weird.
I've dreamt about it twice. But that's basically it. hehe.


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