The Twilight Saga

Have u had weird things happening to u lately or that draw u into the Twilight Saga? Any coincidences u have jot them down here!

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I was ridin to church one morning and I saw what looked like a bit of the forest from Forks, but when I went by it again it didn't look the same at all!!!!

Also one time in a dream Edward Cullen was either looking at me or someone behind me and he started saying wedding vows, but before he said "I do" I woke up! :-( *sob* *sob*
This really doesn't have anything to do with Twilight except when Bella gets things stolen from her room (you know, when Victoria comes back to kill her).

One day my car had been broken into (it was locked, I knew it was because I always press the lock button like 5 times and then say to myself "it's locked" before walking away... That sounds wierd) and I had a pair of heels and a dress stolen.

The next morning (and I mean early, like 2am) I went running and I passed this guy who was walking around in the vicinity of my neighbors house and mine, I'd never seen him before.

And the last weird thing that happened was a man called my cell and this is how the convo went:
Man: "Is Jade there?"
Me: "This is she" (that is my name)
Man: "Hey Jade, I just wanted to let you know that they need helpers for prom. I know you're a sophmore and all but the more help the better. I think you can get volunteer hours for it, I think I'm gonna volunteer to, they'll need some man power." (I though 'omg... the dress')
Me: "Look, I don't know you... Wrong number maybe? Or wrong Jade?"
Man: "No, I think this is the right number... We went to elementary together? I talked to you all of 6th period today...
Man: "Your last name is Stio right?" (MY NAME AND JADE STIO'S ARE SO SIMILAR!!! Mine is Steele)
Me: "Haa, Haa... Like I said wrong number, I'm sorry I can't help you."
Man: "Oh it's alright... Bye"

Keep in mind that it happened over a three day period.. I was so freaked but so... uhmm... excited? What if it was something like that? When I go running, I still watch my back.
Anyways... It's all just a coincidence. It's wrong not the dream though.
Like I said before, I've had a lot of twilight based dreams.I can remember them now,so here are two. One was where I was at a twilight party and I met Jacob and Edward. In the second one (which was my most recent), they were talking about each other's teams. X3
Omg thats rlly weird. i just realized after i read twilight how much my life is like that. me and my two friends are like the cullens....everyone thinks were a little out there im definetlly the bella there. n my one friend trish is like laurant cuz she is nice to us but would do anything for this girl who used to be our friend shannon who we now call victoria. its rlly freaky! n this girl jamie has almost killed me multiple time so we call her james! isnt that weird
two of my friends who are twins have gold eyes and when the sun hits them you can see sparkles....and one of the looks exactly like alice only skiner and she has blonde hair how weird
1st, before twilight was even made, i am really a harry potter fanatic.. and i keep dreaming that me and harry are vampires..
2nd, before twilight was even made, i keep dreaming that i was a vampire and i can not accept it..
i use to like someone wiv bronze hair
and had someone alot like jacob as a best buddie :)
then the edward like one moved :(
im still waiting


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