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Who are you like. Alice or Rosalie. Are you a kind person who would help any one, or a person who can just be mean and can just think about them self some times. Make you pick.

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Although I'm not entirely like Rosalie I'm still more like her than Alice. I'm persistent and want to be the best at whatever I do, I'm misunderstood, I can seem cold and selfish a lot (though Rose actually is quite self-absorbed o.o), I am known for my sarcasm, and I care a lot about my family. A harsh attitude and a love for mechanics and flashy, expensive things aren't me though =]

Alice + me = parties and shopping sprees!!! who's with us? *looks around for a raise of hands*
Alice~~~ LOVE HER!!!!
ALICE- im always da annoying but helpful type....also, i think rosalie is too pigheaded.
Alice is nicer in many ways. i prefer her but rosalie is good sometimes.
alice I like to help people too.
Alice. I love rosalie but she can be cruel to bella. and bella doesnt deserve it. Alice is just a goodness of fun and niceness.
ummm. i like alice alot but i can see why rose is the way she
is. so i'd say a little bit of both =]

Alice Cullen♥
i am rosalie in the fourth book too because she is acually caring then too
Im going for Rosalie. She needs some love!
I Want to think of my self as Alice. I help everyone that I can. I am very insightful of things. I so get what you mean Kylaah. I have them them like most of the time. I love that I have that. It makes me feel like I am on the right path doing what I need to do and knowing that It will be all right at the end.
Thank you! Someone actually starts to really think about why Rosalie does the things she does. Yes we all love Bella but her and Edward caused tons of problems that could have gotten the Cullens killed. Rosalie wasnt a fan of Bella's because she complicated their lives but she did come around when she realized Bella couldnt be without Edward.


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