The Twilight Saga

Who are you like. Alice or Rosalie. Are you a kind person who would help any one, or a person who can just be mean and can just think about them self some times. Make you pick.

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Im more like Alice . but at times when i'm really pissed i can be like Rose
both for me because i can be both of them!plus they are both great!!!
Alice she is sooo awesome she is like 4 sure my fave Twilight character
Im like Alice 4 real no lie but people sometimes say im like rosalie but i dont agree i think im like alice cuz i like every1(most of the time i guess thats wat my friends were talking bout how im like rose)
Rosalie.....she is totally misunderstood....I like Alice as well but I am a huge fan of Rosalie. I think I can be a mixture of Rosalie and Alice.
Alice...............she is so cool.......well............becuase in a way........she is werid..........lolz both im like alice and rosalie i can mean and think abt my self sumtimes
but im also like alice ..ill help anyone and im kind..normally

im both


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