The Twilight Saga

Who are you like. Alice or Rosalie. Are you a kind person who would help any one, or a person who can just be mean and can just think about them self some times. Make you pick.

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im more of an alice but i find myself a little like rosalie at times
Alice--I am always trying to help others. That's also another reason why I work in healthcare
I AM SOOOO LIKE ALICE!! does anyone have those dreams where the next day it happens like dajavu (day-ja-voo) and its like seeing the future..? that happens to me sometimes and its kinda kewl
well I'm more like Alice, but sometimes I'm mean... so I guess I'm a mix.
Alice is my girl, she is very sweet thinks of others before herself , and watches over her family
Alice for sure. She is so free spirited and happy.
The ideal way to be.
i do too


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