The Twilight Saga

1.Who is alice closest too in the family aside from jasper?

2.what was the date in which bella and edward meet?

3. What car does edward get alice?

4. According to Carlisle what stoped Alice from becoming a savage during her early vampire years before meeting the cullens?

5. Who is your favorite twilight character?

6. Who said "we heard you were having bella for lunch so we came to see if you would share!"

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1. EDWARD!!!
2. umm i just lost it!
3.Porshe 911 turbo
4.That is hard can i have a clue????
5. Emmett or Alice!!!!!
^. ALICE!!!!
Lol you got them all right for the most part. Alice use her visions to see the future. That way she saw the cullens and began practicing it before they officially met.

Bella and Edward met January 19th
oh yeah thanks it was fun!!!
Lol thank you for commenting I had fun too =)
1-DUH Edward
2- In the book it was january 19th but in the movie it was in march.
3- Yellow PORSCHE
4- her visions?!
6- Alice
Thank you for clearing that date up for me about when Bella and Edeard met. . . i knew it was off for some reason and i couldn't figur eit out.
Yellow Porshe
Alice and Renesmee
2.january 19th
4.she saw the cullens and jasper and knew she would be like them
5.hard to say BOY:emmett GIRL:alice
6.that was ALICE
1. Edward

2. Jan. 19

3. Porshe 911 Turbo

4. She practiced it from seeing the Cullens in her visions.

5.Really hard! uh it's between boy: Jacob,Emmett ,and Edward : girl: Alice

6. Alice!... my friends say I'm mostly like her
2.January 19th
3.Yellow Porsche
4.Her visions that told her that she would meet and join the cullen`s family
5.Alice Cullen
2.19th Jan
3.Yellow Porsche Turbo
4.Err. i duno her visions right.?
5.Well beside edward bella then Alice !
6.Alice, lol that made me laugh when i first read it
1 Edward
2 January 19 in the book in the movie movie sometime in March.
3 Porshe 911
4 Her visions.
5 Edward or Bella
6 Alice


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