The Twilight Saga

1.Who is alice closest too in the family aside from jasper?

2.what was the date in which bella and edward meet?

3. What car does edward get alice?

4. According to Carlisle what stoped Alice from becoming a savage during her early vampire years before meeting the cullens?

5. Who is your favorite twilight character?

6. Who said "we heard you were having bella for lunch so we came to see if you would share!"

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2.the first day of her going to forks in march
3.a yellow porshe
4.I think that she was in a mental ward on medication
5.I love them all but Alice and Emmett are my top 2
6.The volturri
wow i need to read my books again you guys are really making me think.LOL
1) Q: Who is Alice closest to in the family aside from Jasper?

A: She closer to Edward because they kind have a connect of being the most talented people in the family. And because of Edward mind reading he understants Alice better than anyone else and Alice has had visions of Edward so she knows his future and whats best for him.

2) Q: What was the date in while Edward and Bella Meet?

A: The date was when Edwrad saved Bella from the guys who were trying to hurt her in Port Angeles. That's when they really conected.

3) Q: What Car does Edward get Alice?

A: Edward gets alice a yellow Porche like the one she stole in Italy.

4) Q: According to Carlisle what stopped Alice from becoming a savage during her early vampire years before meeting the Cullens?

A: Um...Carlisle predicted her visions saved her. Alice knowing the future helped her find Jasper and the Cullens which lead her to gaining control of her thirst for blood becoming a vegetarian.

5) Q: Who is your favorite Twilight character?

A: My favorite character from Twilight is Emmett.

6) Q: Who said "We heard you were having Bella for lunch so we came to see if you would share."

A: Alice said that which Edward replied. "Sorry i don't believe i have enough to spare."

1.Edward and Bella
2.Jan 19th
3.Yellow porces 911 turbo
4.Her visons of Jasper and the Cullens
5. Dr.Cullen
6. Alice and Jasper because that was right befor the baseball game
1: edward
2:march 13th
3:yellow porcshe
5: edward
6:victoria james and laurant
2.In the book it was january 19th but in the movie it was in march
3.a yelow porshe
4.Alice use her visions to see the future. That way she saw the cullens and began practicing it before they officially met.
5.edward and alice
1. edward clue
3.yellow porshe clue


january 19th

porshe 911 turbo

she saw carlisle family and jasper and right away she knew she would be like them

dont have one


2.january 19th
4.she saw the cullens and jasper and knew she would be like them


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