The Twilight Saga

1.Who is alice closest too in the family aside from jasper?

2.what was the date in which bella and edward meet?

3. What car does edward get alice?

4. According to Carlisle what stoped Alice from becoming a savage during her early vampire years before meeting the cullens?

5. Who is your favorite twilight character?

6. Who said "we heard you were having bella for lunch so we came to see if you would share!"

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2.January 19th in the book and in the middle of March in the movie
3Yellow Porshe 911 Turbo
4.Alice had a vision that she would become one of the Cullens
5.All of the Cullen Family
1. edward

2.january 19th

3.a yellow porche with 911 turbo- ithink it was exactly like the one in italy- ya it was

4.her visions seeing jasper and her with them and they only hunt on animals.

5.i have 3~bella, edward, and renesmee

1. edward
2. ??
3. porche
4. jasper
5. the cullens and bella, jacob
6. alice
1 edward
2 de 1st day of skool
3 he gives her a Porsche 911 Turbo
4 bcuz she saw de way of life de cullens had
5 all of dem
6 alice
Great answers guys!!!
1. edward
2. january 19
3. porshe 911 turbo/yellow
4. alice used hers visions to see the cullens and that is how she bacame part of the cullen family.
5. edward and jasper
6. alice
2.january 19th
3.Porshe 911 Turbo
4.she saw her & jasper going 2 da cullen's in one of her visions
5.Thatz hard 2 choose its between Renesmee,Alice,Bella & Edward
1. Edward

2. January 19 / March in the Movie

3. Yellow Porshe 911 Turbo

4. Her visions

5. Edward

6. Alice
1.Edward 2.January 19 3.Porsche 911 Turbo 4.Her Visions 5.Bella 6.Alice!
1. Bella
2.January 19th
3.A yellow Porsche
5. Bella, of course!
6. Alice
2.ummm, idk lol
3.a yellow porsche, idk how to spell it lmao ^.^
4.her visions??
1. Edward
2. Jan 19
3.Yellow porshe
4. alice saw a vision of what her life could be like with the cullen family and resisting the urge to drink human blood
5. alice and edward
6. Alice


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