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I'm just wondering...

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I was wandering the same thing, do they exist???? it would be interesting, to know the true answer to that question. If there are any like the Cullen family, then they can bite me anytime.
we can only keep on wondering...unless someone would come out and say hey I'm a vampire...we'll if that happens, oh how would we know if his kind is the same as the cullens(??)...scary but exciting....
I'd like to think that...I hope :)
I hope if they do exist they will only hunt for animals and not human...
That's the million dollars question...
yeah right!
maybe they do exist . . . who knows..
yeah we never know...who knows, right?
That' right!
Yes, it's hard to believe. I only heard hearsays and nobody can attest if it's true or not...
I hope there are things in this world that remain hidden and that magic does exist, somewhere....maybe here....or in the lush Olympic National Forest near Forks....or on First Beach at La Push......they are the most beautiful places I have ever been to...magic could exist...why not immortals? But why would you want to live forever?
Yeah, I like your POV! It's great that you were able to visit those beautiful places...We can only wish to be able to live forever but there's no such thing as forever here....though forever is interesting!!


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