The Twilight Saga

Rosalie suppose to be super gorgeous and model like.

Although Nikki Reed is pretty my image of Rosalie was more like Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl)

Nikki does play I good Rosalie. I love her wardrove in the movie! Her attitude is also dead on.

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yeah she wasnt exactly what I was expecting, but she did do a good job, she had the perfect attitude... And almost as close as you can get ot that indescribable beauty
Yea that's true
She isn't what you picture but she does play the part well.
I agree with you B4twilightonly she does have Rosalie in her! I would never want to get on her bad side. She may bite my head off! Lol jk
Yea that's a great advantange!
I don't think anyone could be a better Rosalie, Nikki Reed fits perfectly
I guess it depends on what you consider as beauty then. Everyone has such a different view on beauty and society has a very stereotypical view of beauty. I dont think there was any way to truly satisfy every fan about any of the characters because the books are so personal. We all made up our different characters to play out the roles. I have heard so many different opinions about all the Cullens. Some people didnt like Jackson as Jasper, some didnt like Rob as Edward, some didnt like Nikki as Rosalie....the list goes on. At the end of the day though they all played the part extremely well and I give them kudos for that. SM made descriptions that were next to impossible to get completely right. Alice is pixie like and short....but with long legs. Edward is the ideal man. Rosalie is the most beautiful woman in the world. It is impossible to cast that so I am surprised they were able to get such an amazing cast.
Yea I agree with you Veronica
i actually liked Nikki Reed. She wasnt what i expected, but she played the role really well. She had the perfect attitude and was a really good actor. Now that i have seen Nikki play Rosalie, i dont think anyone could play her better.
i do alot! she just has that kind of
rosalie presence. all mean and stuff
u know? lol
Yea Ms. Seth I agree. Just like Rosalie she always seems angry. Never truly satisfied.
Well since everyone have a diffent mind everyone makes up their own faces for characters in the book=) but I rly like Nikki as Rosalie even if she isnt the one I had in my mind while I was reading=) perfect attitude=) hope it continues just as great <3


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