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I really think their love will win every war, but some people think Bella had to stay away from Edward just like he said.Are you one of the people who think the first one or the second one???

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Thank you so much...
Hey, add me :))
I definetly agree with the first one because as long as bella wants it and she knows what will happen then there true love will prevail though anything! :^)
Definitely when she becomes a Cullen its like thats where she was meant to be. Im so happy she became one of them I know some people wish she wouldnt have but Im very glad she did.
Yeah, just like what Aro says in Breaking Dawn...
She meant to be one of them...
If you read my comments, you'll see what I think of it...
Detailed... :))
i choose the first one. Bella had already been in Cullens family first she fell in love with Edward each other.
I THINK BELLA SHOULD BE A CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the first one...
bella should be one of the cullen, because if she stay as human. its hard for edward to be with bella. hard to control his self if bella is human ;))
Plus, it' really hard Bella to survive when she's human...
You know; the danger magnet...
And so...
Clumsy :))
i am the first on that she should be one of the cullen s because i think she completes them and edward the most


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