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Do you think Jacob would ask Bella to marry him if Edward didn't?!

Do you guys think that's true? I do. He loves her too much not to.

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yes.. because he really love Bella... actually i feel pity for him becuse i know how sad he have when he know that bella and Edward will getting married...
yeah caus he loves bella
yes....he truly loves her
no because member in the fourth book, jacob said that renesmee was the one who kept jacob coming back but ya probably he would
true but that was after they (Edward and Bella) got married
I am sure that he would have , but the question is would she have said yes. Because Edward was the one she couldnt live without..
yes he does love her
no cause he loves nessie!!!!!!! (nessie is renesmee aka bella an edwards daughter)
yes because he loved her so much he would do anything for her also
yes cause he loves her
yes...cause Jacob loves her and wants to give her a "decent" human future But them marrying all depends on Bellas answer cause she wants to be with Edward If Edward hadnt went to do suicide in Italy maybe Bella mightve been content spending all her time in La Push with Jacob But you know...Edwards the one for Bella and Jacob is setting his sights on Renessme now :))


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