The Twilight Saga

Do you think Jacob would ask Bella to marry him if Edward didn't?!

Do you guys think that's true? I do. He loves her too much not to.

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Yes i think he would've and i think he would've have imprinted on her 2
Yes, I think he would've asked her to marry him. When he told her about imprinting she was almost a little frightened that he had already imprinted on her.
of course he would ask her to marry him (but not before he graduate from high school)jacob is crazy about bella his love to her is too real
nope because jacob likes to bond with bella but i dont think he would ask her to marry her and he gets renesmee

Hey i thought He was in new moon when Edward left Bella to find Victoria... But All he did is take off his shirt wow... He really wanted Bella when i think about it  

yes bc he loves bella alot


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