The Twilight Saga

If u became a vampire do u think u would have a power? If so what would it b?

Some vampire have powers such as Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Many times i've wondered what my power mite b if i were a vampire or if i would have a power at all. If u think u would have a power what do u think it would b?

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Total empathy, and some minor pain transference. Think of Jane's power...only made for the physical, instead of the mental. I'd be able to feel what others would feel on a very deep level, and be able to give my pain or someone else's to them, or take it away. ^_^;;
my power is able to copy the power of others <3
if i became a vampire i have a power that make money and invisible
i woul probably have the power of streghth and very sound sensitive (maybe seduction)
Controlling anything and every thing including humans and vampires' with my mind
or copy every power imaginable without being near a person who has it
no. I'm stuborn, bit that's really not something you can get a power out of.....unless it was the ability to make people agree with you....(hey, cool) Any vams out there looking for a bite? I'll pay
i don't noe wat power i want but if i had i would wan all the different powers there is . sound self centred but it would be great 2 hv all tat power
If was a vampire I would have the gift of manipulation and knowing when I'm being lied too.
I can manipulate anybody into doing what I want. And I can tell if someone is lying to me.
yep and I think it would be the mood changing like jaspers
I'll choose persuasion/ illusionist/ shield. All I like the most.
mind reading and speed


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