The Twilight Saga

If you could be a Cullen would you rather be

(A)one of the original family members

(B)a nomad who develops a conscience and becomes a Cullen

(C)a friend who is turned into a vampire because she/her begged for that life

(D)just a family friend

(E)add your own choice =)

I personally would love to become a Cullen by being a nomad who finds them, just like Alice my favorite character

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Your choices are hard. (C) I would want to be that friend who begged for that life. I would hope I get to choose the life I want. The Cullen family did not get to pick that choice for a life. They just had everything gone wrong in their life and this was the other way out instead of dieing. It wasn't a choice.
a friend that got to choice that life.
i would either be A or C i think the most
(E) -I had a cool dream where I was saved by Alice and Jasper and they 'adopted' me as thier daughter... that would be my choice I guess......
I would want to be a vampire hunting a Cullen and changes becasue of seeing that I dont have to be a monster lol or just C
I would have to say be an original or a friend who begged to be turned into a vampire
i would be a friend who is turned into a vampire because she/her begged for that life icause i think vampeors are awesome

I would want to be a half vampire/ half human
like Renesmee (:
Wouldn't that be awsome
Either B. or C.


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