The Twilight Saga with the cullens?

2. Be male or female?

3.what would you look like?

4. would ur love be like edward,emett,jasper,carlise,jacob or seth?

5. would you get married?

6. were would your honeymoon be?

7.would u have kids?

8. What power will you have?

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If I were a vampire I would probbly live with the cullens I would also be a female I would b a tall slender brunett with a beautiful smile my love would probably be like edards sure if I could I would love to go to italy yep I think I would have the power to see into peoples b minds
1. Yes
2. Female
3. Tall with dark hair
4. Edward
5. Yes
6. Remote like the mountains
7. Yes
8. I like Jasper's controlling emotions.
Yes, the Cullens or Denalis.
Like I do now, except thinner! ;0)
Edward, Emmett, or Jacob (maybe)
Why not Isle Esme? Sounds awesome!
Don't care either way
I think the mind reading (though as Edward describes it, maybe not-sounds like a burden sometimes), or the shield. Being able to protect the ones I love sounds pretty cool to me and would be better than mind reading.
1) yes
2) female
3) brown hair, golden eyes, pale skin
4) jasper
5) maybe
6) i don't know
7) don't think so
8) psychokinesis, is this possible?!
1. I would definitly live with the Cullens
3.I would want to be shorter and more petite but everything else can stay the same jus with vampire-ness to it.
4.My love would be a mixture of all the Cullen boys and the brains of Spence Reid(TV show Criminal Minds character; I think his smartness is a huge turn on)
5.I think he would want to marry me after my newborn stage, soo he could feel manly again(hahha)
7. two weeks on my new island Jae-Isle and two weeks in Paris, France. power would be to use every vampire/human power when i want after being near that person, i can even use it againist them
1.HELL yeah! I'll live with them.Carlisle is going to be a great Dad..
3. i wish i could dazzle Edward! haha:D
4.EDWARD! duh! i love him..i wish he is real!
5.YES of course! to Edward:D haha
6.ISLE ESME..what a wonderful place.
7.YES.a cute little Nudger!
8.same one like Jane! or a super cool shield like Bella..or like reading someones mind like either of those three!
2. Female
3. Me with butterscotch eyes
4. Edward
5. YES
6. isle esme
7. Yes.
8. idk
Us African American get pale too ;)
1. HELL YES!!!
2. female
3. like bella
5. with Edward.? HELL YES!!!
7. maybe. am i human and have a baby? or vampire and have a baby? tough choice
8. see the future
I would live with Cullens, be a female,I would look like bella, but taller and more active in sports, I would marry Edward. Our honeymoon would be any where he'd desited, and I would like to adopt a child or two if we could. My power would be mind control! Wow Idk that so many would want mind control... with the cullens? MOST DEFINITELY

2. Be male or female? Female

3.what would you look like? Long hair like Bella's, only red

4. would ur love be like edward,emett,jasper,carlise,jacob or seth? Edward......hands down

5. would you get married? yes

6. were would your honeymoon be? there better be

7.would u have kids? maybe

8. What power will you have? Mind reading definitely


3.Blond curly hair.

4. Edward or Jasper

5. Yes

6. Isle Esme ;-)

7. No, vampires can't have kids. !

8. Reading minds.


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