The Twilight Saga with the cullens?

2. Be male or female?

3.what would you look like?

4. would ur love be like edward,emett,jasper,carlise,jacob or seth?

5. would you get married?

6. were would your honeymoon be?

7.would u have kids?

8. What power will you have?

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i actualy am writing a ff called The Rising Storm
so iam gona discibe the main charecter Saina

1.She has her own clan plus she runs the valtorie but she is still a vegitarian
2.She is feamale
3.She is black tall slime black wavy hair
4.ummm..her love was edward when they were newborns
6.she is not maried
8.she has loads of powers (thats why she leads the valtori) i ll name a few speed,she can move and control objects with her mind and the power of seduction she can make the men aroun her do ecsactly as she says
comment if you would like to read it
here is the front cover

1. Yes.

2. Female.

3. Like Bella Cullen. :D

4. Edward or Emmett.

5. Yes!

6. Rio or somewhere else. But I like cold places.

7. I don't think so. Female vampires can't have kids.

8. Illusions, persuasion, shield.


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