The Twilight Saga with the cullens?

2. Be male or female?

3.what would you look like?

4. would ur love be like edward,emett,jasper,carlise,jacob or seth?

5. would you get married?

6. were would your honeymoon be?

7.would u have kids?

8. What power will you have?

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yes i would live there all my life.


i would look like bella

jasper because if i get upset and run he would be able to get me before i even leave the house.

yes i would get married and stay with him all my life.

i would adopt them beacuse i would be a vampire.

i would have a sheild and the futurre seer.

1)yes 2)def female 3)seductive 4) who else, EDWARD 5) with a hunk like him, YES 6)anywhere i wanted!! 7) no 8)like bella, to protect the ones i love
i would love to live with the cullens :) i would be a female and very beautiful( well of course, vampire)my lover would be like jacob X) i would get married and have a honeymoon at guatemala( weird destination) idk how kids would work. i would have the powers of controling the elements!! ( like benjamin!! ) don't judge please !! X)
1. I'd kill to get in that family lol
2. Female
3. Like Alice with long hair
4. Like Edward... maybe i'll take Edward... :P
5. Yes... a lifetime alone is not my plan
6. Isle Esme
7. 3 would be nice :P
8. Immunity, speed, read minds and see the future....
1.hell YA
3.pale skin, edwards eyes, long black hair with bangs,and pink and black clothes
6.esme isle
8.every power that helps in an attach

Weird i know right
1 yes
2 female

4 jasper
5 yes
6 isle esme
7 yes
8 telekinis and mind control
1.yeah of course
3.short, small and pixie like
8.seeing the future ( but it's not set in stone )


3Red hair,white skin,red eyes





i would most definelty live with the cullens, i'd be a good vampire =) plus the cullens are just amazing and i wish they were my family. female of course, i'd look alot better than i do now but i'll just be glad to keep my long dark brown hair, all of them combined, i'd only get married if the right person came, honeymoon? whatever feels right...although isle esme does sound pretty amazing, kids of course, and power?.....hmmm thats a toughy i'm not sure but i just hope it would something really cool
1.Total live with the Cullens

2. Female of course

3. Beautiful long blonde hair and tall and skinny

4. I dont know

5. Yes

6. Hawaii

7.Only if it happened

8. The ability to tend to humans i guess dont know
1. yes!!
2. female
3. i would want to look like alice
4. edward
5. yes
6. on isle esme
8. i would want janes power.
1. Yes. I would.
2. Female.
3. Brunette, long hair. Golden eyes. Pale skin. . . :)
4. Prolly Carlisle, Emmett, or Jacob.
6. Hmmm. . . Interesting question. . . Probably our own little special place. Preferable someplace surrounded by nature where you can look up at night and see millions of little shining stars.
7. Adopted sure. But you cant really have children as a vampire. . .
8. Power to absorb other's powers :)


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