The Twilight Saga

i love them both!

who would yu relate to the most?

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I like them both
both their my uncles
im in love with i think him but emmet is a very funny character
Very good question! Gosh!! I think Jasper, ..Emmet always makes jokes, it´s sometimes bully...jajajaja
And Jasper is the most quiet and easy to talk with, he can tell histories, really good ones, and you can learn something good.
i would choose emmett but if edward was in that part then it would be
i love both of them but if i had to pick it would be emmett because he is fun and funny!
Definetly emmet cos he'd be more fun to be with than jasper
I totally agree Emmett is the way to go. I love Jasper but he is definitely too serious for me at times so Emmett my monkey!
If i cant pick Edward then i pick Emmett!


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