The Twilight Saga

Do you want that Stephenie Meyer write more books for The Twilight Saga?

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of'll be really cool if she starts writing more book from saga.i won't miss it.
can't get enough of the Cullens.vampires.werewolves...especially Edward..bella..renesmee.........
yaaa me wanna kno mo bout wat happns 2 renesmee and jacob and i wanna hear twilight in jacobs pov.
SHe sooooooooooo needs to Its the best
yeah, there is so much she can go into. I would love to read them and even read the ones she is maybe working on like forever dawn and midnight sun. I would love to see more books come out, this is a wonderful saga and in my mind well written and described
Yes I wish she would publish Midnight Sun already.
ya,i wish that too...coz i can't find it iin the internet.
Stephanie has such a gift of relating to Edward and Bella,
I would like for her to continue the "Midnight Sun" series.

Nessie's story would be so different. I don't know if it would wor
Yea,I would like 2 know what is going 2 happen between Jacob & Renesmee,and now that Edward can kind of read Bella mind.I would luv more.
hell yes!!-jajaja
I think everyone want more of twilight.
I am looking forward to a new cullen!!
Stephanie Cullen!!
yes plz we need more...loved the first four and i am at the edge of my seat wondering what happens to jake and nessie....
yes more definatley on edwards pov


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