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Do you want that Stephenie Meyer write more books for The Twilight Saga?

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What we want, we may never have. There is so much fanfiction-how do you get an original story line with all thats out there and so much criticism and comparisons being made...

I almost choked when my local paper had psycho-babblers giving their 2 cents about all thats wrong with Twilight and evidently they have never read the books.....

Its one thing to write a story like this when the author isn't being haunted....hounded....I don't know if she will want to write about the Cullens until the movies are over and the fanfare has idk, 5 years down the line when she has free time to create again....

But like all of us...YES, YES, YES I want more...I miss the Cullens, they are like my family too....
HALE YA! I GOTS OCD (OBSESSIVE CULLEN DISORDER)! I................NEED............MORE..............(twitch twitch) MUST HAVES IT! (EVIL LAUGH) I'M SO HIGH OFF OF EDWARD! (and maybe sethh and jacob and carlisle and emmett and jasper and aro and jared and paul and sam and embry and quil and all of them....exept charlie...ugh...(shudder))
I think it would be interesting if Ms, Meyer wrote more books in the Twilight series expanding on the lives of the Cullens as well as the other covens.

I  would love it  if  she  could  keep  them interesting because  sometimes  when  you  make to many they  lose  their  excitement.I  would  still  go to  see them though  because  I  am a  true Twihard Fan.

  I REALLY hope she rights more Twilight Books. it can't be the end!!!

well i know there midnight sun she is going to publish soon and be turnd to a movie but im kinda concernd who is going to play the role of edward caus rob mighte be to old to play the part of ed .any way i heard from ms.meyer that she has a finishing for the story but needs a break from vapires and she wants to try some thing new and she said she didnt creat rensmee for no reason and there is an nother part to the story and she has planed it all out and she only put out this ending just incase she deosnt come back to vanpires so she will be sadisfid with ending shes got so hopfully get back to vampires and will enjoy more of the cullens wonderful story


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