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new member here looking for good fanfiction that's true to the books...

Hey guys-

I'm here mostly looking for some good fanfiction that involves jasper/alice and/or Carlisle. I would like to read some stuff that stays true to the background given in the books but takes place before the books.

So I would like to read some fanfiction on Jasper and Alice's first meeting and their journey to the Cullens (have seen a couple versions of this and am still looking for a really good one).

I would also like to read some fanfiction on when Carlisle found his way to Volterra and his stay with the Volturi.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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theres this girl named ashley she writes good... u should check her out
This is after the books but i am writing s story called Full Moon. It is a jacob and renesmee love story so ya if your interested just message me or go to my profile to find the link


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