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i like rosalie but im going for bella

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i love rosalie and bella they are awsome!
Definately Rosalie, Bella is so unkind to Edward in parts of Eclipse when she hurts his feelings.
ROSALIE!!!! Bella is way too fickled and naive. She is so easily manipulated by Jacob and hurts Edward by trying to make him feel guilty about leaving. Plus it is funny how people say Rosalie is selfish when all throughout the story Bella is the one wanting the whole world no matter who she hurts.....Edward by sneaking off to see Jacob, Jacob by sending him mixed signals. Rosalie wins over Bella because while she is blunt and frank, she isnt fickled. Team Rosalie over here!
i like rosalie coz bella's charater i find boring
Vampire Bella all the way, not human Bella though. Human Bella is just too naive and teenager-ish (is that a word?)


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