The Twilight Saga

Which 1 is better? harry potter or dazzling Twilight? or

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they are both better.. but for now, i love twilight.. Edward is really hot
yeah,it's true edward is sexsy
twilight of course there is no comparison between the two
i think harry potter is really good but if i had to choose which one to watch ,it would have to be twilight
Me too! (all credit to Rowling and Meyers)
twilight!!! ♥♥♥
well.............TWILIGHT>>>>>>>>>TO DA DAYZ>>>>>>>>>>>i love's so da awesomest thriller movie dat i think is better dan harry potter
Twilight ofc
Twilight. Don't like Harry Potter
I pretty much never watch Harry Potter..... And I always watch Twilight so which would I choose?................
TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ duh. NO - BRAINER


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