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When do you think Edward Cullen fell in love ?

Alice stunned, and surprised Edward by telling him that
he was already in love with Bella.

Which raises an interesting question.
When exactly during their roller coaster relationship when
do you think that Edward Cullen fell in love ?

Alice : " I love her TOO ! or at least I will "
Edward " Love her too ? " I whispered, incredulous.
( difficult to believe) Quote Midnight Sun pg 86

I'm not sure. What do you think ?

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I think That Edward fell in love with her when he first saw her in biology. Since the first time her blood sang to him he could not get her out of his mind and he could not stay away from her. Like Aro said in New Moon Bella's blood sings to him. He just did not understand the feelings since he had never been in love before!
Dear C. O.

You make an excellent point.

There is an interesting internal dialog, by Edward, on page 8 of Midnight Sun. when he first lays eyes on Bella.
Three things happen
1. First he saw Bella in the minds of the other students " Just another average looking girl" he states.* (* see counter point below)
2.Then he looks into her amazingly deep brown eyes.
3. Finally he asks himself why he has this bazaar urge to protect Bella from Jessica's selfishness.

Early early early. And what happened when they accidental touched in Biology class, and that odd electrical sensation went up Bella's arm. Edward thought she had been shocked by the coolness of his hand. But it defiantly wasn't a cold feeling to Bella. She felt a definite uncomfortable shock. Why didn't Edward feel it in the same way? .

The ancient Greeks and Romans would have said that, that was the moment Bella had been hit by Cupid's arrow.

Just a thought.
It could just have been static electricity. But later in Twilight Edward comments on how Bella tripped on the smooth flat linoleum floor in their biology class room.(No static electricity source there.)

* One other interesting point, did you notice how Stephanie had Edward see Bella as "just another average looking girl" on day one. But that later when he snuck into her bed room and looked upon her sleeping face. "He was stunned by her beauty"
I also agree. But he does not realize it until he spends the week in Alaska. This is better developed in Midnight Sun.
i think you have a point, maybe alice influenced his decision a little bit at first, but i think he truely truely fell in love with her after james attacked her. he released he felt the same way she did.
Dear Keri,

You make an excellent point. It was just after the incident you mentioned, in the hospital when Bella asks Edward to promise that he will never leave her.

I think that Edward may have responded with that odd answer "As long as you need me" rather than yes. Because he knew at that moment how he truly loved her. And he realized at that moment that "though he would suffer pains worse than death" His love demanded that he leave her to keep her alive.

And as you point out, it was just after the fight with James, when Edward's love forced him to remove Jame's venom rather than letting Bella go vampire.

And your moment was when Edward looked desperately to Carlisle for help, pleading that if he ever tasted Bella's blood he would never be able to stop and he would kill her. But Carlisle answered yes you can. I think Carlisle knew that Edward's total love for Bella would give him the strength to stop.
Remember when Edward sensed he was out of control and was killing Bella. Carlisle said think (think about how much you love her)

You make an excellent point Kerri.
I totally disagree with keri. He was in love with her way before James attacked her.

I don't know if it was that first day, like C. O. said. I'll have to reread Midnight Sun to "see" the exact moment as I saw it when I read it the first time. But I think it was after he saved her from being crushed by the van and she kept his secret, kept telling everyone he was the hero and he was right there beside her, when she knew he wasn't, because that was his story that he wanted her to stick to. I think it was that week that he realized he was in love with her. Because she kept his secret for him when she really had no reason too because he did not keep his promise to her about telling her what really happened.
I think that he definatly had the intrest in Bella from the begining. He has the desire to protect her, he cant stop thinking about her, and yes her blood does sing to him, but I dont think he really started to fall in love with her untill he started talking to her. There is more to love than just the basics.
Dear Bianca,

I think you analysis hit a home run. ( I don't know the answers to this question, any better than any one else, in our study group) but before he met her, Edward, had been seeing her in his minds eye all day. "Ordinary girl he thought" Then like you point out, he looked into her deep knowing brown eyes. And unlike a thousand other girls "she didn't immediately" look away. And he instinctively wanted to protect her. "Where did that come from, he thought to himself."

Then they Talked. Yes yes yes. When they are walking down the hall after their biology class , you just know something special is happening.

Later when Mike tried to touch her hair she instinctively pulled away. But she didn't move a muscle when Edward reached to brush her hair behind her ear.( I'll bet she even wanted to lean in to help him, groom her.)*

One good point after another. Thanks for sharing.

Your friend,
Doc B

* There is a beautiful scene in an interview that Kristen and Robert gave for MTV. On live TV Kristen sees Robert has something obnoxious stuck on one of his teeth. So that the cameras can't show it (just like Bella would) Kristen instinctively reaches over, takes her finger nail, and cleans it off. Now how many other starlets would have done that. Answer Zippo.

And when Kristen tripped and fell at the MTV awards, breaking her best kiss award, I had to laugh out loud because she is even more Bella than Bella, if that's possible.
Dear Lilly,

Very good point. When her saw her in his mind before he met her "she just looked like an ordinary Human"

But after he came to love her. And snuck into her bed room the first time "Midnight sun " As I looked down on her face I was physically stunned, by how beautiful she was." But as you point out now he was seeing the girl he loved. And a magical change had occurred about how he saw and felt about her.

Very good point. Thank you for pointing that out.

Your Friend,

Doc B
I agree I think the second she walked into the biology class he fell in love with her even though he could not keep his eyes off of her in the lunch room for the first time
So baby are you saying it was love at first scent not love at first sight?
LOL it was both


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