The Twilight Saga

When do you think Edward Cullen fell in love ?

Alice stunned, and surprised Edward by telling him that
he was already in love with Bella.

Which raises an interesting question.
When exactly during their roller coaster relationship when
do you think that Edward Cullen fell in love ?

Alice : " I love her TOO ! or at least I will "
Edward " Love her too ? " I whispered, incredulous.
( difficult to believe) Quote Midnight Sun pg 86

I'm not sure. What do you think ?

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as  soon  as  he  laid  his  eyes  on Bella.

I think Edward fell in love with Bella when he made the choice to not kill her. He may not have realized it then, but he was. Because his plan would've worked out perfectly. He just had to make the action, but he didn't. My only theory to that one is that he cared for her at least a little bit. He had never interacted with humans before she came, but he made the choice to go back to Washington when he was in Alaska knowing that he would have to interact with her--which he did.


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