The Twilight Saga

All of the Cullen family is amazing including the Denali sisters. Which one is your favorite character, if is even possible to choose one?

I love all of them. Alice is amazing to me!

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yeah. . me too~
i love ALICE!!
she's the BEST!!
yeah,i love Alice's short hair,dancing step,lively and optimistic character.
i also want to have all these character with me ,so i would be a good friend to everyone.
alice is the best! Edward rules! Jasper is hot! Esme is caring, Casile is awsome!
Lol yes I love them all too!
I really like Alice and she would make a good friend.
ummm... of course edward and bella once she is married and becaome a vampier
Like you said it's hard to choose but I really like Carlisle, Esme and Jasper.

Mine is ALICE....
I love Alice so much...
the one and only alice cullen......and also edward
Edward is definatley my absoulate favourite out of all the Cullens Clan...however i do have a soft spot for Alice....she hard to resist especially with lines like "I think she's having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her" ha ha funny stuff
I know Edward is the best but I have a soft spot 4 all of them excpet Rosalie


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