The Twilight Saga

i personally luv edward the most and i think that he is the most awesome and beautiful (although all of the cullens are those things), but i know that people like a lot of the different cullens so what are your favorites and why???? btw plz look at the pic its pretty awesome!!!!

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She completes the Cullen family by bringing them more joy than they knew was possible--she completed Edward & gave him eternal happiness.... and brought the family the precious gift of Renesme, which by the way brought eternal binding peace with the Quilieutes.

Alice the nicest of them. It is interesting, pretty and with the gift to see the future, that I was very attracted. Without it they would not have coped.
Emmett.....the loving, happy, protective brother who also saves Rosalie from herself and her demons. You just got to love Emmett!!!
ahhh i cant choose... emmet.alice.esme.jasper.carlisle.rosalie.edward....

but if i had to choose it would probably have to be Alice.I think she`s really cool
and i`d love her to be my sister.


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