The Twilight Saga

my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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she is my perfect character to:x..i simply love her
and because i am small like her and everybody tells me that i am pretty annoying like her:)))) am i do want i want and get what i want..and i want to add that me and alice are not short are funsized:X:D
my fave Cullen is Edward and Alice
Edward because he is the perfect vampire, and he is so cute and so PERFECT!!
Alice because i´m most like her and because she is alwais Happy
yup i agree with you.edward and alice,i love you so much
Edward bc he IS the perfect vampire. he is really hott and just perfect!!!:)
My favorite is Alice because she's so complex, but she's also a complete girly-girl. I wonder if it's because she was so sensory deprived as a human...
I have to agree with you ...
I don't think i could decide... they all have a place in my heart... LOL
Edward - well DUH! Cause he is EDWARD: perfect, sweet!!
Alice - She is wicked and kind!!
Jasper - He has a soft side!!
Emmett - Amusing!!
Rosalie - She gives her point of view on things which is needed (still don't like her in parts though..)!!
Carlisle - He trys to protect the family and he created Edward, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett!!
Esme - Mother figure and cares for everyone!!
my fav is jasper b/c he can read peoples emotions and i think that is soooo cool plus he is my type of guy quiet and not overly demanding and w/ a soft-i-really-care-about-youside when needed
ditto! they are everything u said.
This is totally true! i agree with you 100%


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