The Twilight Saga

my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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(next to edward)Emmett is my favorite because hes more childlike and fun.
I think Alice is the best because she's got a very awesome personality and I think she'd be a terrific friend.She's stylish and fun and I just think she's a good person.
Edward, coz he´s so fabulous and lovely!! I love him!♥
My favorite cullen is alice because shes cute,sweet, she knows all about fashion and she has the most awesome gift ever
hello everyone
this is a very hard question put after days of thinking it is Esme her mothering instincts and her passion are so great and i think that even with the fact that Carlisle created the family Esme s motherhood is what made it a family
i luv them all but edward and alice
luv 4 edward . dont know why?
my favorite cullen is edward because he is cute and i cant help but to watch the movie because i wish i was bella.

i love all of them but the the best to me besides edward is emmet becuz hes funny cute muscular n has a body

Edward or Bella: Bella because 1.Shes with Edward and gets to kiss him all the time. 2. She a 3. Deep down iside we all thinks she pretty. 4. She runs with vampires. 5.She had a could have a vampire or a werewolf and that must of felt great. 6.her daughter Renesmee the most cutess todler ever

I  think  Alice  is  my  favorite  she's full  of  passion  and  excitement  and  she's  so  friendly she  seems  like  the type  of  person  you  could  have  for  a best  friend of a normal  person  like  me.

My Favorite is Edward Cullen because 

he's just EDWARD

he can READ minds

he's so amazing

he always acted according to what he thinks is right!

he had GREEN eyes!

he has TOPAZ eyes (that's my birth stone)

he can love so passionately!

He Loves Alice best next only to BELLA!

I just love Edward, Dear Edward! Lovely Edward!


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