The Twilight Saga

my favorite Cullen would have to be Alice because:
1.she is pretty
2. she is very fashionable
3.she can see the future
4.shes with Jasper
5. she gets to see Edward all the time!<333

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my fav is edward caus he is caring and brave and sweet bat not that funny so thats y i like emmet the decond caus realy dweet and funny but not nearly as sweet as edward or as hot so my fav is ed but i also like emmet

it would be Edward that is my favorite Cullen.Edward is sensitive,loving,caring,unselfish,and good.he tries very hard to be good at somthing that was not his fault and he puts others before him and he is kind,and he is very protective and he loves Bella.He is funny and sometimes playful,and he tries very hard to keep his promises and he tries to make it easier on everyone else around him.

i think it would be rosalie because she is honest she tells you what she thinks and i like people like that

My favorite Cullen is Emmett.
He is very fast.
He is so cute and fine.

This is a hard question! I like Edward because, duh, he's Edward. I love Alice! I just think she is so cute, and I would love for her to be my best friend/sister. She is really into fashion, and I would take that for granted if I lived with her. I love Emmett because he's never depressed. And Esme is just the greatest person ever; she's just so sweet!


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