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who loves who the most?Edward and Bella ,Jasper and Alice ,Carlisle and Esme,Emmett and Rosalie? i want you to decide. my answer is all of them have a special bond

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edward and bella. and emmett and rosalie! ;))
They all have a special bond, but I'd have to say Edward and Bella...
I mean, all that they have went through together and how he kept control of himself while kissing her and smelling her even when her blood 'sang' to him...
He showed self control and for the most part protected her (except when he left her), but it did show that he loved her, even though it was wrong, he walked away from the one thing that had ever made him happy...
That's truly hard to do!!!
i think jasper and alice because when she went to voltara she told jasper to stay behind so that he wouldnt get hurt, she was even prepared to die for that!
all of them, i don't think you could say any of them love each other any less than the others because it is what the love means to them, the ones in the relationships that counts so i say all of them have a pretty amazing love for each other.
I think this is an unfair question to ask only because love is different to everyone and the love shared between all of these couples is different. I don't think that anyone couple can love each othermove then any other couple. Each couple's love is unique and strongher in it's own way.
yeah I think all of them have a special bond... but if I have to pick one... I think Alice and Jasper
I think Edward and Bella because in New Moon when he thought Bella was dead he went to voltara to kill himself
i totally agree wid u
edward and bella of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have the kind of relationship that i really really want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasper and Alice
I agree with you I think they all have special bond.


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