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Okay im in a contest with my friend that i can find more things that people luv about the cullens then she can about the wolves. so all u have to do is pick a cullen and tell why you luv them, thanx guys

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As a whole, they are a devoted family, the relationships are very strong and I miss reading new stories about them!
--Carlisle's faith and devotion to humans, his compassion and caring for the wolves if they were hurt..would the wolves do the same?
--Esme's love and compassion-would the Leah worry if she had enough to eat or clean clothes...I doubt it...
--Jaspers strength in sacrifice in trying to overcome his need for human blood & commitment to Alice and family'
--Alice's joy, devotion and faith she shows every one she loves,
--Emmett's humor and honesty..if he feels it, he says it..and his ability to love Rosalie
--Rosalie's has an incredible sense of right and wrong and isn't afraid to speak her mind...and her selflessness in caring for Bella and may think otherwise, but there was never a moment she wavered knowing what Bella wanted and knowing that Bella was 'mommy'
--Edward...whats not to love? Perfect in that he loves Bella totally and endlessly.
--Bella..her strength in knowing herself, and her ability to forgive and protective of the Cullens even before she was changed; she was willing to sacrifice herself by going back to the Volturi if the Cullens did not want to 'keep her' by changing her...
--Renesme-for her ability to be so charming she brought peace to the Cullens and the Quileute's
Because they are an awsome group of vampires who have everything you love about humans (personality(edward), humour (emmet) devotion, love (all) good sense of style, knows how 2 throw a party (alice) etc. they have the extra things (speed, strength, oh ya beuty is good too) and they smeel good (apparently)
My favorite Cullen is Alice. She is sweet and bubbly. Alice can see things before they happen which is something that I think would be nice to have sometimes. She uses it to protect people. A very good cause I would say.

I also like Emmett. He is just funny. Great personality. Very accepting of Bella. He's like a teddy bear. All you want to do is hug him.
because there a great family
thanks everyoone, cullens r winning but they r right behind us
the cullen i pick is.....EDWARD!!!! he is beautiful and sweet and he is as nice and decent as he possibly can be to everybody, even jacob who is totally awful to him. he luvs bella more than anyone cld ever luv another person and she is meant to be with him. he is forgiving and kind and would do anything for those he luvs most!!!!! he is just the most perfect and best guy ever and he proves it over and over and over again throughout all the books!!!!!
it would be all of them.I love them cause they're nice,strong and beautiful.
cullen fans unitin ur doin great thanx so much
they dont judge the wolf pack like they do the cullens.
They are true to their beliefs and very protective of their family they are caring and very likeable
I absolutely love Edward,but I am going to talk about Carlisle! You gotta love him. He has worked very hard to overcome his hunger for human blood. He became a doctor to help humans. He is a man of integrity and honor. He has found a way to survive without killing others. He has a strong moral compass. He's handsome, blond and tall. He has been a strong influence in the lives of his family members. He never impulsively bit Edward or any of the others without contemplating the consequences first. He did it out of love and compassion for them, not just to eat.
I agree I also like I said earlier that I love the way their family comes first and thats carlilsles doing and he is also very good looking himself Vampires with values whata theoryIt's terriffic


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