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Hey all you cullen fans what about all the other famous people in twilight and new moon? I mean come on lets get tihs straight im not saying that i hate the cullens i mean why would i have joined there group! But also people are always bragging about the cullens what about jacob the other vampire family what about the wearwolves! These are all amazing people well accually i wouldn't say people but you get what im saying. So i think they should come up of a group about every single charactor in the movies and im sure we are going to meet a lot of other people and eclipse and breaking dawn if they come out for a movie for breaking dawn but if you like my idea pass this around to other people and email me then we'll see if it can come true!

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OK!!! And tell me alll about it :) every detail you liked and loved...I would say hated but theres nothing to hate in it!! Hahaha
Wait the werewolves do matter but it's a love story based on Bella and Edward and plus Jacob has like 6 chapters in Breaking Dawn. but i'm 50 50... i think that the werewolves should atleast have a chapter of just them. I would love to see how they live. And why is it always Bella mind we read about. What about Edward and the rest of teh characters. Renee, Phil, the vulturi, Bella's human friends, Renesmee, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme all the other vampires from Italy, the Amazom, he Denali coven. Why can't we know what how they live and what they think about the whole Edward and Bella and the Cullens. I think Stephanie Meyer has alot of thinking to do. She heard the side of Bella, Jacob, Bree Tanner. Why can't see the rest. She could make books and books about other peoples lives. I don't know why they are left out.



mee haha i wud love to see that too itd be awesome to explore renesmee nd alices nd edwards mind

Benjamin rocks.

because their amazing!!!!!!!! beautiful, sweet

the  Cullens  are the best  family in the  world.


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