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Hey all you cullen fans what about all the other famous people in twilight and new moon? I mean come on lets get tihs straight im not saying that i hate the cullens i mean why would i have joined there group! But also people are always bragging about the cullens what about jacob the other vampire family what about the wearwolves! These are all amazing people well accually i wouldn't say people but you get what im saying. So i think they should come up of a group about every single charactor in the movies and im sure we are going to meet a lot of other people and eclipse and breaking dawn if they come out for a movie for breaking dawn but if you like my idea pass this around to other people and email me then we'll see if it can come true!

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Im with you!!!
i think we should make groups for almost every character in the books
Like I've always wanted to talk about the Denali clan and I also really want to talk about Zafrina!! I've found her veeeery interesting!!
cool Thanks and pass it around to other people and see what they think!!!!
ok no problem
yeah but still they should make a group about everybody
Ya I really like Benjamin !! His talent is really cool
I agree kinda i prfer the cullens over everyone else sorry
Totally! I hope that Benjamin in Breaking Dawn is hot.......
Hey I am with the Cullens, but this is a site for the whole Twilight Saga!!!
So that includes every single character in the saga
So im not saying we shouldnt talk about the Cullens! Im just saying that if this is a site where we talk about The Twilight Saga we should be able to make new groups for about each character in these books! It would also be nice to talk about other people like Zafrina or the Volturi or the Denali Coven, How they found the Cullens and how their mother died and so on
It would be a nice change to talk about more than one character or coven.... Does anyone at least get half of what I mean??
ya get what you mean i agree only i havent read the fourth book so i dont know who your talking about
HANNAH!!! Noo waaay!! Really?!?!
Well what are you waiting for?!?! Its like the best book in the whole saga!!
You must read it!!
PLEAAAAASSSEEEEEE check this out!!!!
Its soooo important if you guys love BD!!!

Thank you, and please pass on :)
ok ok i will read breaking dawn i just have to finish eclipse


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