The Twilight Saga

well, i choose to be a vampire... (i've been craving 4 it 4 a long tym.. HAHA =D)

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Nope i'd wanna be a vampire!!!!
i would rather be a vampire..!!!!! :)
Vampire it is!!! :-D
i`d rather be a vampire...`s ma dream!
yeah, it's really my dream but they say it's against God.... (0.o)
I would rather be a vampire and a Cullen!
to Cullenhalelover - i agree.. HAHA
No I became a vampire, already before twilight, Ihave a great fascination for the vampires.
I'd rather be a vampire, specifically a Cullen. I wouldn't want to be a monster.
I would burn for three days to live for an eternity as a cullen.
i would rather live forever as a vampire than die i have seen deaf and its not a fun thing
I totally would rather be a vampire than die!!!!!


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