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Wait a minute. Ok, I just figured this all out at the Twilight DVD release party. Ok, Alice can see futures, including Bella's, right? Ok, well she can also see Edward's future AND she knew exactly what Edward and Bella were going to be doing on their honeymoon. So doesn't that mean she knew that Bella would become pregnant with Edward's child? A half vampire child that nearly killed her?? So alice could've warned them both and then said "Bella will live, but it won't be pretty." or something to say that by the end of it all, Bella would be immortal.

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WHATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! OH my gosh! Thats a shocker..Did the book already come out yet? But coming from your point of view yes that would make sense. They need to hurry up with the movies T_T
yeah the book came out a lonnnnnggggg time ago.....
no because Alice cant see Renesmee
Yeah that is what I thought. Renesmee is a blank while Bella is pregnant with her.
Alice can't see renesmee! that should explain it! like when Bella jumped off the cliff she thought she was dead AND she never saw Jacob which is a werewolf! thats the same way with Bella being pregnant! try reading the book more than once you will understand things more! like me i have read it 3 times already.
i don't think that edward and bella "decided" (alice sees when a choice has been made) to have a alice could not see just happened and when bella found out she was pregnant and decided that she wanted to have the baby bella disappeared from her "sight"...because reneesme is more like jacob in the DNA department alice could not see her...since the book ended with a lot of questions unanswered, i assume that alice will never be able to help jacob or reneesme in the future...unless it's something related to edward/bella or another member of the vampire world
no, she cant see renesmee, duh
alice cant see renesmee cos she cant see werewolves or halfhuman-halfvampires cos she never was either one. alice calld them on their honeymoon wen bella realised she was pregnant cos she saw bellas future disappear..cos renesmee was growing inside her
remember she couldn't see the baby. something to with the gentic make up like jacob. So I think she couldn't see that bella would be pregnant so she couldn't see which way that future would go. and I think she can only see so far ahead in the future because she had to wait when edward was asking the vulturi to kill him what the answer was going to be she didn't know what it would be. and then she didn't know how he was going to expose himself because he kept changing his mind until he decide what he was really going to do and stayed the course.
Yes, but Alice couldn't see anything that had to do with Nessie nothing at all
As soon as Bella thought she was pregnant Alice called because Bella disapered from her vison


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