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Bella's Remarkable Self Control as a Newborn, how was she able to maintain it?

Discussion topic: When Bella "awakens" from her "vampire-ization" in "Breaking Dawn" Edward, Jasper and Carlisle are prepared to physically restrain Bella, as all newborn Vampires must be. But to their amazement she is able to maintain an "unnatural" degree of self control.

Question: Bella's Remarkable Self Control as a Newborn, how was she able to maintain it?

As always we look forward to learning the answer.

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Bella has a remarkabel self control not only due to her mental preparation, butbecause, she's very self conscious and perceptive, she had those qualities when she was human and now they increased as a vampire that makes her able to maintain self control and set her priorities...
Excellent point dodo, She has always been verry perceptive. May be helping to raise her mother helped as well. Excellent observation. YF DB
That is an interesting question. I think that is has something to do with her "uniqueness". From the beginning there has always been something that has set her apart. The way she looks at the world, the way she interprets things, her decision making abilities. I also think because she went into this "vampire" lifestyle willingly I think she did have a different level of awareness and perhaps precaution. I think she was stronger than she even gave herself credit for. She was also very preceptive like dodoa mentioned and perhaps that is what gave her some advantage.
Dear Cynthia, What a superbly written post. I like to find one particular point in a post which is special. BUT YOUR ENTIRE POST IS SPECIAL. And it is also beautifuly composed.
Thank you for your superb observations
Most sincerely,
Doc B

another excellant question. The way I see things for me. I think that are 3 factors that contribute to Bella's self contol.

Firstly, I do think her preparation for that moment, she had built herself for it, prepare for it all.

Secondly, I have believed all along that Bella was born to be a vampire, she talks in Breaking Dawn about always being an average human but as a vampire she is more perfect than most.

Thirdly, this is the most important I think it was love. Throughout the books we read about how Edward changes because of Bella and as we've discussed Edwards monster and hoe it seems his love for Bella is surpressed by that, I think that this is what helps her self control, whilst she's burning she wants to scream out but she thinks of Edward and controls it, her love for Renesmee dies the first in her throat when she thinks of her when she awakes, seeing Edward the first time again it seems to surpressed again, then when they are hunting and she smell the human yes she follows the trail and she even rares up to fight him for her prey, but as soon as she remembers it's Edward she changes her direction, anyone else with her I think she would of not, her need for Edward and love for Renesmee I think really does give her the self control.

Your friend
Thank you Chelsea
Dear Gemma G "I have believed all along that Bella was born to be a vampire," Excellent thought Stephanie said only AFTER writing Twilight did she realize that she had given Bella vampire like traits ' ie E HUMANS CANT SMELL BLLOOD B WELL I CAN. G"this is the most important I think it was love. DB' WOW what a great observation. Jung would say that the strength that ma soldier has to often so calmly accept his death comes from his love of his buddies at his side and his family at home. Superb observation. G" as she is burning she thinks of Edward and controls it," DB Another great obsevation Each of your following observations just get a WOW. Well done Well done indeed. Your friend, Doc B
I have to agree. Though I feel one more part should be added. Compassion. She had always put everyone else in front of herself. (Inculding those who may not deserve it). The thought of ever hurting anyone in anyway has always weighed heavy in her mind. When ever she thinks of the pain she has caused Jacob, Edward, or anyone all she thinks is how horrible a person she is. And one couldnot forget the way she felt when she relized she was hunting humans. All she could think of what thier familys. So I add compassion.
Fantastic observation yes I agree totally

Dear B Safe, Compassion a very powerful point. Steph said when she created Bella her goal was to see what it would be like to look at life through the "eyes of love" and compassion is such an important part of that concept.
Thank you for adding your excellent observation.

Most sincerely,
Doc B
Hi Gem! Once again, we think so very similarly. I have had that discussion before with people, that I think that in this particular universe that there are some people born to be vampires, and Bella is one of them. I think it manifests itself in a lot of her qualities/traits (sensitivity to blood, her paleness, etc.). As far as why she had a comparatively easy time restraining her newborn instincts, I think you hit the nail on the head so well I need say nothing else except, bingo! ;)
bella was perpared for this mentaly and emotilony


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