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Do you guys think that, if Nessie hadn't been born, Jake and Leah would've gotten together? or do you think he would've found someone else?

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yea i've been wondering that cause one of the reasons bella wouldnt choose jacob over edward was because she would have ended up hurt like leah and she knew he would imprint someday but what if she did chose jacob then renesmee wouldnt exist and he would have never imprinted and idk its really confusing if you think about it
Up until the moment where Jacob saw Nessie for the first time and imprinted, I seriously thought he was going to end up with Leah. They just seemed to click, and could bond on a level that no one else understood. I'm also a bit of a romantic and I had this fantasy where Jacob and Leah fall in love and she's finally free of Sam. I REALLY liked Leah's character and I hate that Stephenie just kind of left her hanging. I thought it was all going to be good when she found her place in Jacob' pack, that she would finally be happy! and then it was...over.
I thought that too. It really did seem like that was the direction they were heading (Jacob & Leah).
I agree.
Especially after they went into her character so much in the first half of BD, it was a shame that everyone else seemed to get a happily ever after, even Charlie and Sue, but Leah was just left there...
thats what i was thinking before Nessie. so if she hadn't been born i think they would work out great!
i wondered about that too. they seemed to be getting closer. i don't know though, seth would have loved it though. lol
nope he would have probaly imprinted on someone else
Umm, WOW!
Where did that come from?
Just occur to you off the top of your head?
You should write a fanfic, that's amazing!
I think that he would be close friends with leah but wont be together as mates. The feel he had towards Bella was something so strong that he couldn't be with anyone...
well i think if nessie wasnt born thats the way things would have went but nessie was born and the whole thing with the treaty and everything was resolved that wouldent have happened if jacob didnt imprint on nessie and plus right after nessie was born and roasalie was holding her and then jacob came downstairs wanting to kill nessie that would started a whole other conflict because jacob would still want to kill nessie so really the whole imprinting thing was sort of essential to bellas happyness and the happy ending at the end of the book yea it did suck that leah didnt get her happy ending but the whole series is about edward and bellas love not leahs issues
I wouldve loved for that to happen because Leah is one of my favorite characters but I dont think so. I think that they would just be good friends
Definitely. Those two make a kick ass couple, it would've been epic win if they'd fallen in love


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