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I do not feel complete after reading the final book, do you guys? Breaking dawn was great, don't get me wrong, but it was not the end of the story. While Stephanie may feel it is over for her because she is burnt out or somehow she feels complete, I wish she would understand that we, her fans, do not feel the same way. Ending on that book is like if Tolken had ended the Lord of the Rings on Twin Towers. Even in the plot line of Breaking Dawn the characters, created by Stephanie, realize the danger is not over for them, that one day (be it years, or even centuries) they will have to face a fight for thier freedom. Stephanie, I deplore you to please consider giving us one more book, you can fast forward to the next conflict in thier lives... but we need more. Thanks for the story so far though! (didn't mean to sound un appreciative)

What are your thoughts... do you feel complete, am I off base here? Do you want more like I do?

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i agree..theres needs to be more!
i agree!
i mean the Voltaire's can always come back =[
and what of esme and jacob?
if Stephenie decides to continue writing more books
for the Twilight series i know it will all be good
because there are so many things that can happen [lol]!

But the feeling we get it shows that she's an AWESOME & AMAZING
author...she leaves us wanting more =D
i agree, The whole saga was amazing and sm is truley gifted.... But i think there is plenty of room to continue ... the last page with THE END made me so sad i seemed so final and its like their lives were just beginging. I would love for her to continue the story..
There is going to be another book, although unfortunately not for a while. Have you guys heard of Midnight Sun? Well, it's supposedly coming out in August this year!
Yes, but Midnight Sun depicts Edwards side of the story for Twilight only. Is is not a continuation of the saga. Just Twilight through Edward's eyes. You can read a partial draft of it on Stephanie Meyer's official website. It is quite good!
i love breaking dawn i wished that it never ended!!!!!
i agree, the next book should be about what happens to them, about the volturi i mean, will they come back, also what will happen with renesme and jacob, i know they'll be together. and also what about bella's power, she was able to let edward see her thoughts will she be able to do anything more. the storys not over, we need more.
I agree. I dont feel that the danger is over yet for them. Especially with the Volturi. They wouldn't give up that easily. I want to know more about how Bella and Edward continue their live with their daughter, and with Bella becoming a vamp. She hasn't gone through as much as she should before the books end. I want to know what happens with reneesme, jacob and everything with bella's human family. will they ever tell renee?
I would love to have another book to read from the Twilight Saga.
100% agree I appreciate the four books magnificent job but...SM is kinda leavin us empty handed with renesme's life we want more detail its just not meant to be over..not yet at least
I know I feel like there is more to be told. In the end of the book they do realize that they will have to fight the Volturi again some day. I love the books but I do feel that she left it to where more could be told.
What do you want her to do? Continue to write about every day of their whole existence? I think the way she left it gives you a wonderful sense of closure. Sure, you don't know what is going to happen with Jacob and Renesmee or what will happen years down the road when the Voltori decide to retaliate. But I think it leaves you with just enough to keep you guessing. I would feel a sense of mourning if it ended at "the end". I like the idea of knowing that their story continues on, even if I have to use my own imagination to explore what adventures they will encounter next. That is just my opinion, obviously. No hard feelings! :D
I agree with this. I think the leaving you guessing part is great. This is where people take over with the fanfiction and runaway with their imagination.


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