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I do not feel complete after reading the final book, do you guys? Breaking dawn was great, don't get me wrong, but it was not the end of the story. While Stephanie may feel it is over for her because she is burnt out or somehow she feels complete, I wish she would understand that we, her fans, do not feel the same way. Ending on that book is like if Tolken had ended the Lord of the Rings on Twin Towers. Even in the plot line of Breaking Dawn the characters, created by Stephanie, realize the danger is not over for them, that one day (be it years, or even centuries) they will have to face a fight for thier freedom. Stephanie, I deplore you to please consider giving us one more book, you can fast forward to the next conflict in thier lives... but we need more. Thanks for the story so far though! (didn't mean to sound un appreciative)

What are your thoughts... do you feel complete, am I off base here? Do you want more like I do?

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I completely agree with you. Breaking Dawn was beautiful, but it can't be the final conclusion of their lives.
Stephenie needs to continue the series and understand that WE, the devoted and addicted fans do not feel satisfied with the fact that it's all over. There's so much more to the story the needs to be told!

We NEED more!!
I agree with you .
I totally agree there should be a lot more books explaning like the "WHAT HAPPENED AFTER...." We should probably get Stephiene's Meyer E-mail so we can beg and tell her what to write about, because she said once that Bella had no more problems so that's why she hasn't wrote more, and maybe she doesn't see the perspective of everyone's life, obviously there not going to die, but maybe is difficult for her to write all her lifetime, seriously guys I want them too but I don't think she going to ever see the side of the fans althought once she said "Until the Twilight thing is over maybe I can finish Midnight Sun and or write another book on SOME ONE ELSE'S PERSPECTIVE!!!" D= I really don't think she going to write another book to the series and that's so sad = (

- Alexia /i>s>a.k.a Alice Cullen
You all need to read my post on this subject on page 7 of this topic. I am going crazy with all the begging!!!
I agree too...
it was great, amazing ... but they will live forever ppl!! there has to be more stories to tell... reneesmes future, Jacob's ... i dont really think its a good idea to end the Volturis .. coz after all there has to be balance .. and i dont think its fair for the cullens to take that burden .. but im looking forward for more ...
i also agree and she cant just introduce us to a baby who is half human and half vampire without letting us see how her life goes!!! she should write another book even if she has to skip a few years because renesme it said would be full grown in 4 years or somthing!!!
we do need more an epilouge at least, i dont think you can really create any more action. enough has happened but we need to know how it ends!
I totally agree with you, i feel so empty and lost and need to be in their lives still, she needs to develop the future more and what it holds for all of them never mind just edward and bella, i love the cullens and want to know where their lives are going too, we NEED more!!!!!

I love them books, especially breaking dawn but i hate getting to the end, it does depress me and i want to be back in Forks again, stephanie has to know and realize that them books could go in all sorts of directions.

P.s. we NEED midnight sun too, what woman does not want to know what edwards thinking through all that.....sigh!!!!!

true i dont think it is the end we could write stephanie and try to persuade her to write another book
Yeah, i kinda want to see the Veltori get their asses kicked lol, but meraculously not get any of the good guys killed :)
I think its safe to say that Reneesme would end up with jacob because Jacob had already imprinted on her. and i think Reneesme's and jacob's baby would be split between human, vampire, and Shape shifter (Jacob is a shape shifter because he changes form at any time of day not just at night as pointed out by Edward) because of the laws of genetics the child would display the quality of all three but would most likely display more of the Shape shifter since there would be more of that gene then there would be of human or vampire (the child would only have half of each). I do, however, think thier kid(s) would look extremely cute though.
I agree hugely about a fifth book but a series like the twilight saga could go forever with different adventures. it is a excellent read and good for those fans out there but stephenie meyer could be working on other projects like a second book to the host. i don't feel complete in some ways such as how will renesmee grow up seeing as she grows with such speed. but i do feel complete because it ended the way it was supposed to in the very beginning, bella turnt into a vampire and bella and edward gt married.


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