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I do not feel complete after reading the final book, do you guys? Breaking dawn was great, don't get me wrong, but it was not the end of the story. While Stephanie may feel it is over for her because she is burnt out or somehow she feels complete, I wish she would understand that we, her fans, do not feel the same way. Ending on that book is like if Tolken had ended the Lord of the Rings on Twin Towers. Even in the plot line of Breaking Dawn the characters, created by Stephanie, realize the danger is not over for them, that one day (be it years, or even centuries) they will have to face a fight for thier freedom. Stephanie, I deplore you to please consider giving us one more book, you can fast forward to the next conflict in thier lives... but we need more. Thanks for the story so far though! (didn't mean to sound un appreciative)

What are your thoughts... do you feel complete, am I off base here? Do you want more like I do?

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Yeah, I agree with youee! x
I think you could go on and on. There are lots of loose ends. Alice could some day find out about her past from her neice. What do they do with charlie when he gets old? Or do they make him like bella because he loves her so much as a parent? Its fun just thinking of ways the next book could go.
I really agree with you I think that the end of breaking dawn was so simple, in my point of view they are many things she (stephanie meyer) can use to make more books, and at the same time I believe that in midnight sun there is going to be the compliment for breaking dawn end
i think it did finish well everyone got wat they wanted the last page is edward reading bellas mind and she thinks of everything theve been through and it was a wonderful ending but i agree in ways that im still hungry for more but it was pretty perfect i wish she would write on that would be awesome maybe someone could write on for us and we could vote on ideas or give them ideas if u look there r many people on here who hav written on so we could ask them to write more but im satisfied with wat i got lol their lives go on forever and she cant write for ever giive stephanie a break she pretty mad at whoever out midnight sun on and she was thinking of making james kill all the character but she decided not to because it wouldnt be true to the book she will still write it i think my bad for geting off subject but she did a pretty good ending lol
It feels like there is something missing at the end it is a good ending if there is going to be another book, but if not then it leaves so many possibilities as to what happens next with everyone in the story. I couldn't accept that the books were over so as soon as I was finished I picked up Twilight and reread all of them again.
yes, i wanna know more about the life after bella turned. i read the ending to breaking dawn and i wanna read more about edward and bella! i skipped around i haven't finish eclipse yet but i just go ahead and read the ending of breaking
I think she needs to write at least one more book. I would like to know what happens between Nessie & Jacob.
I agree. I think that Midninght Sun should be finished because we never really find out that much about Edward accept that Bella loves him. I was like noo it cant end, it was just so amazing. I realize that hey they are going to live for eternity and books cant keep coming and coming, but more closure would be great. I hope that when the rest of the movies come out they do the books more justice. Im just so excited but my imagination is just running wild with the what ifs.
I loved the first 3, but the fourth was not as good. It left me feeling like is that all. I think there should be another. It says at some point how their powers grow. The book makes it sound like Bella is going to be so special, but she turned out not to be that special. Plus they should have fought too. I know they live forever, but there should be at least one more. It just did not feel like "The End".
totally AGREE with you, but we will juss have to wait and see.....
I really hope she comes out with more................ :)


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