The Twilight Saga

ı think it should be two movie enough to explain every situation in the book .what's your opinions the writer said "that's happend may be but we are working on that for now we don't know"

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that's a really thick book lol, so
i deffinently think, it would be well explained , if it were put into 2 movies. it, has way too many details
so i'll be really mad if it was made into like a 2 hour movie.
lots of things are seperate in the book bella part jacob part ı mean lots of persfective have to b included that's why if they wannna make 2 movies more details should be ready.

more jacob more edward more bella more aro more jane more felix more alec(ı saw the second movie )alec like not play in the movie we know jane felix demetri aro that's weird .


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