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Look I'm not trying to be rude or anything to anyone who think opposite but please read this before questioning me, PLEASE! Here are my reasons why: Okay # one is even though a lot of people who could see R rated movies have read the books and love them, and want to see the movie, there is also a large percentage of people who read the books and are probably between the ages of 11-18 years old that would not be allowed to see the movie. It would be stupid for these movie people to do this because they would loose about half percent of the money they would have made if all age groups had been allowed to go see the movie. Like someone said it's not like they have to make the lovey dovey stuff so vivid, in the book it wasn't that vivid at all when you think about it. And by the way I'm 13 and have read all the books, and my mom's pretty strict about reading things like that but she was ok with it. So there's my point of view anyway, and please don't be angried by the fact that I thought deferinetly then some. Those who think opposite I don't hate you because of it, your just worried because you don't want kids/teens seeing this type of stuff and getting the wrong ideas, or being totally grossed out! So I thank you for reading this, and I except that some people may think deferinetly so please except that I think deferinetly. ThAnK yOu!

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I honestly don't think it will be for that reason... I mean all the other movies are PG-13 and you can get away with a lot in a PG-13 movie.....
Why was this brought up in the 1st place, did you guys hear somthing about it being rated R?
Gurl ur so rite my ma is lyke ur's bt even she wants 2 see it she didnt trip wen i told her de parts of de story wen dey do it so i take ur side cuz nt even i would be able 2 see it cuz im barely gon 2 be 18 years old.o n its nt fair cuz my 9 year old sis love de movies so she wouldnt be able 2 see it eder
I just watched We are Marshall, and that movie was rated PG. But it had the word s#*t in it, like 7 times, now IMO, that is like the 3rd worse curse word, if that can be rated PG, than Breaking Dawn can be rated PG-13, if it's not that is just rudiculous!!
Thats ridiculaus! Its not descriptive at all!
i completely agree with you that it shouldnt be rated R because of how many people under the age of 18 want to see it anyways they show much worse stuff on tv and many people have gotten away with making R rated movies into PG-13 movies, and usually the books are more descriptive than the movies. Maybe there is some way you can convince your mom to let you see the movie like if she goes with u or something.
I actually think it SHOULD be Rated R. I know your mom is pretty strict about reading things and may have been okay with it, but reading something and seeing something happen are two different things. You can imagine things a certain way, but seeing them may be even more graphic. There are a lot of heavy topics in Breaking Dawn, including a sex scene and some underlying anti-abortion currents. It's going to be pretty graphic.Some kids just can't handle that kind of stuff and don't need to be introduced to these things right now. Aside from that fact, it isn't really ABOUT the money when it comes to the rating. Everyone may know that the movie would make more money if it wasn't rated R, but the MPAA is who controls movie ratings. They look at a movie script or trailer and rate it based on the content. Nobody can change the MPAA rating but the MPAA, and they rate them that way for a reason. They don't rate according to what income they would get with different ratings. The MPAA and the movie makers themselves have no connection, so the "movie people" wouldn't be seeing any of the money anyway.

Overall, I believe the topics in Breaking Dawn are too mature for children below the age of 14. I don't want any misunderstandings to occur and reading and seeing things in one series or movie may lead to a distorted view of the real world.

By the way, If you are 17 and above, you CAN see the movie. So it would be ages 1-16 that couldn't see the movie without a parent. I'm pretty sure most parents wouldn't want their kids to see some things at a young age anyway.

Just in case you were wondering, I'm 17 years old.
hey i agree with you. and the realise date for part one of breaking dawn is in nov. os 2011
It's not as if the book, read out every single detail, of the sex scene, it merely told the starting of it and then, ended. Starting again when it was morning. And it's not like the book was setting...say a bad example... I mean to say that Edward and Bella were married, and It's not like that trashy stuff you see in other movies.
What it come down to is, the book wasn't very descriptive about it and the movie shouldn't be either, and that is all on HOLLYWOOD!!!!
This is true, but think of other scenes. In the birth scene, Edward has to bite Bella's stomach to get the baby out . . . and Renesmee breaks Bella's ribs with all the movement she does. Personally, I wouldn't want a kid to see that and it would be really graphic. And they still have the whole broken pillows and shattered headboard. I'm not saying the sex scene is super graphic, but still. It's enough to raise questions for those kids that are still pretty innocent in the mind. I don't think it's setting a bad example, I just think the content is more than PG-13 all together. do have a point...but in the end I think it's still up to Hollywood (God help us) Hollywood only ever thinks about 2 things Sex and Money!!!!
It should NOT be rated R. The agegroup which makes it so popular won't be aloud to see it. My Mum is strict on what I read too but if she was fine with it then why should these movie people stop fans from seeing the movies? Most will buy the DVD anyway.But I don't think they will rate it R.


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