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Look I'm not trying to be rude or anything to anyone who think opposite but please read this before questioning me, PLEASE! Here are my reasons why: Okay # one is even though a lot of people who could see R rated movies have read the books and love them, and want to see the movie, there is also a large percentage of people who read the books and are probably between the ages of 11-18 years old that would not be allowed to see the movie. It would be stupid for these movie people to do this because they would loose about half percent of the money they would have made if all age groups had been allowed to go see the movie. Like someone said it's not like they have to make the lovey dovey stuff so vivid, in the book it wasn't that vivid at all when you think about it. And by the way I'm 13 and have read all the books, and my mom's pretty strict about reading things like that but she was ok with it. So there's my point of view anyway, and please don't be angried by the fact that I thought deferinetly then some. Those who think opposite I don't hate you because of it, your just worried because you don't want kids/teens seeing this type of stuff and getting the wrong ideas, or being totally grossed out! So I thank you for reading this, and I except that some people may think deferinetly so please except that I think deferinetly. ThAnK yOu!

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Ya Twilight seem more PGish to me but the birth scene seems rated R.
I am also twelve. I heard that it will be pg-13 but still with a lot of adult content. Most of the people who like this are young, and they shouldn't make it like that!
I hope they dont make it rated R
im only turning 14 in september
I am 30 years old. Even some of the rated PG13 movies sometimes have more stuff in them as to rated R movies. I have read the books and technically the Eclipse woud be a rated R movie because they rip all the newborns into peices and burn them. They rip Victoria head off and her limbs. Rylie the newborn with is literally shredded to peices by Seth. Bella gets a couple peices of Rylie thrown at her by Seth. I am sure not purposly, but it happens.

For what was said b4 all you need is someone above the age of 18 to take you to the movies.
ya thanks but I'm not aloud even with an adult, my parents are really strict with things like that!!! Thanks anyway!!
i think that if and when they makeing breaking dawn the movie i really dont think that they will make the honey moon part and the part when bella gives birth to renesmee and i really dont think that they will make it so advanced only because stephenie meyer i think will want it to be that way because she knows that some of her fans are of younger ages and if they wanted to so that i really dont think that stephenie meyer would allow that but it really wont matter to me because i will be 18 years old by then and if i wasnt my mom would take me anyways because she loves twilight too but dont worry i dont think they will do that to us
Breaking Dawn movie must continue!!!
this sucks its the best movie
The first part of Breaking Dawn will be released in 2011. if they rate it R then anyone who is underage can just go with an adult. thats all you need is someone over 18 to go with you :)
I honestly don't think it will be rated R.... Especially since Stephenie is producing it and because she's Mormon and that being a huge part of her life I don't think it will be... A lot of her fan base are kids under the age of 18..... I don't think it will be to be honest...
I doubt they will make it R only because of the reasons like;1 most people who read this series are tweens and teens and 2 there's nothing that detailed. Breaking dawn should be PG-13 just like the rest of the saga, at least I hope it will be!!!!
That would personally be cruel to rate it R. I mean, think of all those 11 and 12 and 13 year olds out there who love the saga!!!! Now, my mom's read the series and really liked it, so I'm pretty sure she'd let me go even if it was R, but I really hope it's not!!!!!!


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