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Look I'm not trying to be rude or anything to anyone who think opposite but please read this before questioning me, PLEASE! Here are my reasons why: Okay # one is even though a lot of people who could see R rated movies have read the books and love them, and want to see the movie, there is also a large percentage of people who read the books and are probably between the ages of 11-18 years old that would not be allowed to see the movie. It would be stupid for these movie people to do this because they would loose about half percent of the money they would have made if all age groups had been allowed to go see the movie. Like someone said it's not like they have to make the lovey dovey stuff so vivid, in the book it wasn't that vivid at all when you think about it. And by the way I'm 13 and have read all the books, and my mom's pretty strict about reading things like that but she was ok with it. So there's my point of view anyway, and please don't be angried by the fact that I thought deferinetly then some. Those who think opposite I don't hate you because of it, your just worried because you don't want kids/teens seeing this type of stuff and getting the wrong ideas, or being totally grossed out! So I thank you for reading this, and I except that some people may think deferinetly so please except that I think deferinetly. ThAnK yOu!

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i dont think it should be rated r...even though ill be 17 in two weeks...but still the fan base is so wide ranged that if it was rated r they would lose a lot of money because a lot of people would not be able to see it.

truthfully if i wasn't 17 and it WAS rated r i'd probably just sneak in- no rating would stop me from seeing it! but if you have strict parents then that would suck!
If you think about the majority of people who read Twilight, it is young teenagers. There are adults who read it of course; I'm one of them, but I would like to see the reactions of all the Twi-hards and Fanpires out there. I really hope it's not rated R. every1 should be able to watch it. there are ways to edit it so that you get the point and a great movie. Eclipse got really close to some parts and you still got the idea of what was going on. Like with Rosalie, we all know what happened but they kept it classy. they can do the same with B.D.
actually itz PG13 not R...stephinie said it herself


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