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So i know the movie will officially be broken into 2 parts and it might be in 3D, but can anyone tell me how they are breaking it into 2. like what is covered in the first movie the wedding, honeymoon, childbirth and part 2 would be the training and the fight?

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NO! I wanna keep all the good parts & i'm hoping that will happen since its 2 movies
i dont like the fact that its being broken into two parts but MAYBE, just maybe, the movies will be better than they would be if it was only one. this gives them the chance to include more detail from the books.

now that i think about it i think its better in two because it will hopefulyl stay true to the book. if it was one movie everyone would be complaining that it was too rushed or they took out too much.

i heard the first one is gonna end either right before she becomes a newborn or right after.
im not sure though....does anyone know when it is going to be split?
yeah i agree i guess breaking it into 2 will make it closer to the book which is GREAT i hate when they change things
Uhuh, and dont forget that SM is the one behind the movie. So we can hope these movies can represent whats on the book
I kno i cant wait either lol we all wish we were in Bella shoes
yeah i wudnt go that far...unless edward really existed then id have to be insane not to go lol
Edward is dreamy, and I will always love him...but if I were Bella, I would never have left Jacob laying broken, inside and out, the ending of Eclipse was heart breaking..and I ntice SM did not let us see the book versian of Eclipse... too saucy as Rob might say?
Everything is about correct, decent, and right is it??? As long as Bella and Edward are married, it's alright to bring a half vampire child into the world suddenly and the Mother and Father live on blood and watch Jacob grow old and die.
I am not buying it, someone needs to control SM and screen writer MR tell them how many people are upset that it ends like this.
I agree alot of people were upset not only over Eclipse but Twilight & New Moon too. They should follow the book more closely. But in regards to Jacob everything happens for a reason if Bella would have stayed with Jake over Edward then Jake would never have truly imprinted because Edward & Bella would never have had a child. in the end everything works out for the best.
have you read breaking dawn!! cos what happens is the way it was meant to be, SM is genius. you do feel sad for Jacob but well im not going to go on but i thinkits all amazing how the characters lives unfold and then fit together. Jacob has the abiity to heal so i dont think he will grow old and die in the conventional sense!!
Very true im thinking 2 movies will be better n closer to the book since they have more time.


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